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The Importance of Commercial Window Cleaning in Edmonton

The Importance of Commercial Window Cleaning in Edmonton

commercial window cleaning edmonton
11 Nov

The Importance of Commercial Window Cleaning in Edmonton

Evidence based research on environmental factors on happiness, productivity and health has raised awareness on the consequences of dirty windows. One of the main factors has identified sunlight deprivation in office and home settings, clean windows literally creates happy productive human beings.

Windows, like everything else, need to be cleaned on a regular bases and not just your home. Commercial window cleaning is as important if not more important. Commercial window cleaning is important because we spend most of our sunlit hours in offices.

Highrise rope access window cleaning is a highly skilled occupation. It involves technicians working at extreme heights cleaning your windows using rope access techniques, there is no other way. Commercial window cleaning is in a transition in Canada where using a swing on a rope is still legal. Most countries in the western world allows this form of commercial window cleaning but technicians come out of these swings and even though they are wearing harnesses they have to perform tricky self rescue techniques or have to rely upon coworkers or fire departments to rescue them. Many smaller cities may not have qualified rope rescue certified firefighters in their employment.

International training and certifications are now available across North America. IRATA ( Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) and SPRAT (THE SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL ROPE ACCESS TECHNICIANS) are the two certifications that countries have built legislation for commercial window cleaning around. Canada is currently allowing both traditional bosun chair work (man in a swing) and fully certified rope technicians providing massive differences in safety standards.

Clean windows can make the difference between a pleasant workplace and a dreary one. The mood of your employees can greatly depend on how much access they have to sunlight and fresh air. All this is true but Edmonton Window Cleaners offers fully trained, internationally-certified technicians to provide safe, high quality, rope access window cleaning to provide your buildings and tenants with top quality window cleaning.

Choose Edmonton Window Cleaners to provide commercial window cleaning to perform rope access window cleaning and you won’t be disappointed! With Edmonton Window Cleaners commercial window cleaning you will enjoy the neverending beauty of the undisturbed view over the city when your windows are clean at all times.

Thanks to our trusted, well-qualified team at Edmonton Window Cleaners our specialists can climb the face of your building with no harm or effort at all, providing you with a quick, efficient service. We can offer you this service at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods like scaffolding. Commercial window cleaning in Edmonton has truly been giving a new standard. Preciously commercial window cleaning has been using techniques used since the dark ages – men in swings suspended by ropes.

Contact our commercial window cleaning team us to book our services fast and enjoy the clean windows!